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The batch is popularly known as KMC 1973.

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White Listing on your Email Provider

What is White Listing?

Faced with increasing spam, email providers have instituted various spam filters. These are getting more and more sophisticated as the spammers figure out ways around them. This means that many of the emails you receive from friends and from KMC forum may not reach you because the spam filters mistake them for spam. Sometimes they are put in a spam folder and you can retrieve them. Sometimes they are deleted outright (depending how the rules are set up.)

To address the problems of SPAM, many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and email systems now block or filters email that is not from a "safe sender." One way to get around is to declare mail coming from some email addresses as safe and trustworthy. Because senders can fake email addresses (this is called pheasing), this is not fool proof, but it will work about 80% of the time.

How Do I White List KMC Forum (Or add that to my Safe List)?

Below is a list of some popular ISPs with directions on how to add KMC Forum to your known sender list.

Domains to be Safe Listed

The top 2 addresses are the only one dealing with KMC Forum. I have added the bottom 3 so we can communicate with you in case you need help. (If we are also spammed out, we won't be able to communicate with you. (It is, however, optional.))

Step 1:

Find your email provider from the list below. Click on it and then follow the instructions to safelist KMC.
If you don't find your email provider in the list, contact your ISP and ask them how to safelist an address.




MS Outlook

Netscape Web Mail

America Online (AOL)

Comcast Web Mail



1. Select the "Addresses" tab

2. Select "Add a New Contact" link
    Enter "" in the Email field
    Select the "Save" button

3. Select "Add a New Contact" link
    Enter "" in the Email field
    Select the "Save" button

4. Select "Add a New Contact" link
    Enter "" in the Email field
    Select the "Save" button

5. Select "Add a New Contact" link
    Enter "" in the Email field
    Select the "Save" button


1. Select the "Contacts" tab

2. On the left side of the page, select the "Safe List" link

3. In the window below type an address or domain

Type in "" and then click Add

Type in and then click Add

Type in and then click Add

Type in and then click Add

Type in and then click Add


1. Select "Contacts" link on the left hand side menu

2. Select "Add Contact" link on the right hand side of page

3. In the "Primary Email" text box, type in ""

4. Select the "Save" button

MS Outlook

1. Go to the "Tools" menu

2. Select "Options"

3. Select "Junk E-mail" button

4. Select "Safe Senders" tab

5. Select "Add" button

6. Type in ""

7. Select "OK" button for the "add address or domain" menu

8. Select "OK" button for the "junk e-mail options" menu

9. Select "OK" button for the "options" menu

Netscape Web Mail

1. Select "Options" link from the menu

2. Select "Email Rules" link

3. Select "Add Rule" button

4. For the "If..." make sure the drop down "From" and "contains" are chosen

5. In "the phrase" text field type ""

6. For "then deliver to.." "INBOX" is choose

7. Select "Add Rule" button

America Online (AOL)

Check your Spam Folder to make certain that your filters have not mistaken our emails as Spam:

1. Go to AOL Keyword: Spam Folder

2. If there are any emails from select them

3. Then select "This Is Not Spam" button

Comcast Web Mail

1. Select the "Email Options" link in the main toolbar

2. Select "Edit/View Parental Controls" under the Comcast Email Settings menu

3. Enter each of the following specific KMC email addresses, then select the "Add" button:


Classic Web Mail:

1. Select the "Address Book" link in the left pane, below your Inbox and other mail folders

2. Choose "Companies (Domains)" from the menu next to the Add button

3. Select the "Add" button

4. Type ""

5. Select "Allow This Company (Domain)"

Enhanced Web Mail:

1. Select the "Address Book" tab in the Folders/Address Book Pane

2. Select the "New" button at the bottom of the pane

3. Choose "Add/Edit Company (Domain)"

4. When the Companies (Domains) panel opens, select the "Add" button

5. Type "" in the text field

6. Select your "Enter" or "Return" key


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