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KMC1973.com Website Inauguration

August 1, 2009

Inauguration of KMC1973.com website

It was a very joyous and proud moments for the classmates, family and friends who gathered in Brantford, Canada on August 1, 2009. They were taking part in a historic event to proudly display the completely rebuilt website for their batch. No one else, including the parent Kottayam Medical College, can boast what they have accomplished. A professionally designed and hosted website with their own domain name, viz., kmc1973.com Others will undoubtedly copy and follow their example. But they can always claim the rights for being the first.

First the webmaster, Dr. Jacob Mathew, explained some of the new features of the website as well as some of the planned improvements. Then he explained how the inauguration will be conducted. All the classmates present were asked to assemble in the center of the room. They each had a candle to light. There was a perpetual candle in the center, already lit, symbolizing the presence of the the other classmates (including Jose Tom) who could not be present in person. This was an electronic candle incorporating several LED lights that switched from one light to another with different colored lights - again a powerful symbolism of the presence of the classmates scattered all over the globe using the latest electronic gadgetry.

Photos of the Candle Lighting Ceremony - Symbolically representing the Inauguration of the website

Classmates Participating (Physically) in the Inauguration:

Comments from Classmates

Here are some of the comments received from our classmates:

Savio Meena Philsamma Mathukutty Jolly George Ike and Jaya Rachel

From Savio

Jacob, Thanks to you and Meena for bringing up our website from infancy and making it 'coming of age'. Jacob, I cannot thank you enough for "ALL" the work you do for the KMC.

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From Meena

Hi Everybody

Jacob, thank you for everything you are doing for the Group, the New web site is a real accomplishment for us. When I started this Group on Nov 29, 2003, I never thought that this will develop to this stage. All because of Jacob's hard work, enthusiasm, dedication and sincerity. Being a computer idiot, initially I had so many problems and Jacob was able to solve them and now we have a smooth ride, thanks to all our class mates all over the world for keeping the site alive.

We wish Jose Tom, our leader and all our friends in India and abroad were present for the Inauguration ceremony.

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From Philsamma

Dear Jane and Samson:

We missed you everywhere during our reunion on August 1st, 2009. Please check the kmc1973 website inauguration photo. There was a space between Meena and me. That space was there for both of you to fill in to. If Lovely was here she could have squeezed behind me (shorty in the group) just like Ike was behind everybody. Hope to see both of you soon.

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From Mathukutty

It was a memorable moment in KMC 1973 group. Thanks to Jacob and Shila in doing all the experts work in bringing up the Web site and thanks to Meena and Mony for developing this idea supporting this.


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From Jolly

Jacob, You have, in fact, taken the kmc1973 website to a really lofty level. Thank you.

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From George

Dear friends: We feel humbled and honored that Brantford, Canada was chosen as the location for inaugurating the KMC1973 official website.

Two important things happened in Brantford (Telephone City).

1. July 26, 1874. Alexander Graham bell made his first long distance telephone call between Brantford and Paris, Ontario which started the revolution of modern communication.

2. KMC1973.com website was inaugurated on August 1, 2009.

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From Ike and Jaya

Jacob, Thank you so much for making the new website and Meena for starting this idea many years ago.. What a fantastic job you have done with the new web site!

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From Rachel

Congratulations and thank you all for the efforts to making the KMC website and good to see all of you in the pictures.

Mercy keeps in touch with the KMC website and was happy to see the photos of the Canadian reunion.

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