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Savio's Trip to Utica - August 2006

Savio and Annie, stopped here in Utica for a few hours. We refreshed some of our past. Both I and Leena enjoyed their visit.

We laughed about what Savio did by following the recipes -" while baking cake , recipe said to turn the cake upside down, Asan turned cake down and put it in the oven without any plates, and he went doing other chores. after 10-15 minutes fire-alarm started making noise, Annie ran to the kitchen saw the dried cake in fire."


The kingdom of Utica is like Mahabali's Keralam. If you take more than three steps, you may be out of Utica. So I was careful with my first step at Mathew's house.



My next careful step was at Samson's place. I was still in Utica.


We had great fun and after sometime Leena and Annie got together and accused me, Mathew, Samson and Jane of talking only Medical college stuff and threw us out. That was my third step and I was out of Utica.


Well somebody told me that Niagara Falls is the great Honeymoon place. So, we thought we will check that out on the way..

Next day, Annie and I visited the "Jacob Kingdom". Although we had Great food from Leena and Jane, Jacob's cooking was an Event. He made everything from scratch in front of us. When he started giving Annie cooking lessons I knew all our Ammais were in trouble ( Meena, men do work). See for yourself.


Even I (Burnt cake fame-according to Mathew) was impressed by Jacob's Cooking Lessons and I took another picture. I think these recipes deserve a place with poocha appam and ada.


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