KMC 1973 Medicos and families
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Mini KMC-1973 Reunion
AKMG-Detroit, MI - July 2004
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Candid Shots. It was harder to take candid shots because Meena was alerting everyone whenever I was about to take picture. But still I managed to get some.

13 Full Size Ike had been very happy. (There was news in the morning that target for LDL had been reduced again.)
14 Full Size Ike looking at Dr. (Mrs) Issac Thomas from Kentucky. Mrs. Issac Thomas??!!
15 Full Size Now Ike is making sure that the real Mrs (Dr) Isaac Thomas is still there. Jaya is trying to clam up fast when Meena told her that her picture is being taken,
16 Full Size Meena after hearing about meditation. (Eh, this is more fun than going after Molamma and all those bounced emails!!)
17 Full Size I really don't know what Money is doing here. We just informed him that we may be able to extract that jewel in the head of the "poonjans" found in abundance in Touchstream. (Think about all that money.)
18 Full Size I still have no idea what Money is doing or thinking here. (Money and Meena's elder son is beside Money.) I think Money is scolding Meena.
19 Full Size Meena telling Money to take more pictures. Or is she worried about film in digital camera like Philsamma often does?

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