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North American Reunion at Utica, New York: August 1-3, 2008

Comments From Participants

From Mathukutty and Leena

I was glad that you were all able to come on Friday. We missed George & Philsamma.
Jacob & Sheila , you were well prepared, for the Jeopardy game.
Ike, Jaya, Savio, Annie, Jolly, Susan, Rebecca, Mony & Meena, We enjoyed your company. We memorize some our medicos life. It was a very enjoyable moment.

From Meena and Money:

Thank you Samsun, Jane, Mathukutty and Leena for the wonderful time , you all worked hard to make our stay in Utica the best
Also we were lucky to have the company of Jolly, Susan and little Becky, our Leader Jacob and Shila, Savio and Annie , and Ike and Jaya
Special thanks to Nibin, our photographer, technical consultant and much more.
We enjoyed the company of Dolly, [Jane's sister] who helped our Team to win in the Jeopardy Game.
Phil and George we really missed you, there was no discussion about Politics since George was absent.

From Savio and Annie:

We enjoyed each and everyone's company and had a GREAT TIME. We like to thank the wonderful hospitality and company of Leena and Mathew. We will enjoy your gift every night and will remember you. Samson and Jane, we enjoyed the original PAALAPPAM and your hospitality too. Jane, your sister Dolly blended in like one of us and what more good things should we say about your sweet great kid Nibin? Jacob seems to improve in leaps and bounds every year with his Jeopardy and his wonderful ways of keeping the conversation going on and on and on.....(I am not forgetting the wonderful gifts). Shyla, thanks for the CME on acupuncture. Susan, Jolly and Rebecca, we loved the beautiful song of Rebecca and both of you really bring in a great chemistry in our midst. Jaya and Isaac, you are the originals! Jaya, may be we should think of a coffee pump (like insulin) for Isaac. Meena and Mony, we had a great time with you two. So Mony's songs are going to be a permanent fixture from now on, right? Should we consult Shyla for acupuncture to keep you both awake? Please don't get upset about the ribbing, WE HAD A GREAT TIME.

George and Phil, we really missed you. Actually YOU MISSED A LOT AND WE REALLY MISSED YOU A LOT TOO.

Jacob's comments - See here.

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