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Dr. Remony George Celebrates her Shastipoorthy

Shila and Jacob Conspire to Create a Special Day for Her

Photos of the shastipoorthy program

Dr. Remony George, MD., Retired Head of the Department of Physiology, Kottayam Medical College (currently serving as the Professor of Physiology at Pushpagiri Hospital) had a great surprise when she visited Shila and Jacob on Monday, August 10, 2009. The surprise was so unanticipated that the whole experience made her to cry uncontrollably. (Yes the cry was from joy not from sadness.) Her sister and brother in law had conspired to give her a surprise Sashtipoorthy party 2 months ahead of time with about 50 invited guests in attendance.

A special birthday cake for Dr. Remony's birthday. The photo on the cake is made out of edible parts (sugar).
It looks so real many people thought it was a photograph embedded in the cake. The cake was designed by Jacob

Dr. Remony was in the midst of a 2-month visit to US with her husband Dr. George, a pediatrician retired from the Public Health System in Kerala, and her younger daughter Shobha, who has a post graduate degree in Genetics. They were accompanied by her elder daughter Asha, who has dual degrees in computer applications and statistics, her husband Rogy Varghese, a computer engineer and their 2 children. Dr. Remony's actual birthday does not come till October end; so no one was prepared for this surprise.

In consideration of the fact that Dr. Remony is extremely religious (she makes monthly pilgrimages to important churches in Kerala), Fr. Roy, a visiting priest from Kerala, was invited to the program. He conducted the ceremony in the typical Orthodox fashion. Mr. Thomas Thomas, a founding member of the Marthoma Church Congregation in Cleveland, gave a short message in which he pointed out the importance of faith in everyday life as well as being thankful for God's blessings. Dr. Remony's son-in-law gave an emotional talk about what she has meant to him and his family which made her to cry. Dr. George also spoke a few words. (He is a man of few words.)

During the cake cutting ceremony, all her family fed her pieces of cake. Dr. Remony, in her message thanked everyone present that made this a memorable day in her life. A sumptuous dinner prepared by Shila (not catered) followed.

See photos of the shastipoorthy program

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