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Jacob's Aunt (Dr. George Jacob's Sister) Passed Away

My aunt went to her heavenly abode on Sunday, August 2, 2009. She was 102.

My aunt was my father's eldest sister. (Dr. George Jacob is my father's youngest brother.) She had outlived most of her siblings.
She was in Kottayam Carithas Hospital ICU when she breathed her last.

She had been very alert (for her age) till about a month ago. Then her short term memory showed some signs of weakening. Then she was not recognizing those around her.

"Last Tuesday (July 28), she developed chest infection and gradually went down hill. When my uncle (Dr. GJ) saw her she was out of contact with the surroundings and showed no response to painful stimulus. She was getting only few spoonful of liquid. Next morning she was shifted to Carithas Hospital by ambulance. Intravenous fluids and antibiotics were given. After 12 to18 hours she became conscious and continued in that state. She looked dazed but seems to recognize some people but did not talk."

Even as late as Saturday morning before I left for Canada for the reunion, she had been "getting better" and showing signs of progress. They were planning to move her to a regular room so that family can be with her.

Her condition suddenly deteriorated on Sunday late afternoon. The last rites were being hastily planned. A bishop from Syrian Orthodox Church and a senior priest were to perform it Monday morning and they wanted to move her into a regular room in the hospital. The plan had to be changed due to the sudden change in the situation and a priest from the hospital performed the last rites. She died at 8 PM Sunday at Kottayam. The body was transferred to the morgue.

She has 3 sons (1 deceased) and 2 daughters.

Her son (my first cousin) and his wife are scheduled to leave for Kerala on a flight from Houston today (Monday) and is scheduled to arrive Cochin on Wednesday. The body will be taken to her home at Kangazha at 4 PM Wednesday for viewing.

The funeral is scheduled at our family church in St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Church in South Pampady (located between Kothala and Kangazha about a 1mile south of KK Road) beginning at 2 PM on Thursday. The funeral services will be led by His Grace Themothios Thomas and His Grace Dionysius Geevarges.

We request your prayers for the departed.

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