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KMC 1973 (Kottayam Medical College Alumni 1973 Batch)

Dr. Remony George, Retired HOD of Physiology, Celebrates Her 60th Birthday

Dr. Remony had a surprise of her life when she visited her sister Shila and brother in law Jacob in Hudson, OH on August 10, 2009. She was treated to a surprise Sashtipoorthy celebration.
Read about the program  | See the photo album

Mercy's Son, Mithun, Participates in a Music Mission in UAE

Nine students from Oral Roberts University (ORU), Tulsa, OK came for a Music mission program to UAE during the month of July 2009. Mithun, Mercy's son, was one among them. They conducted music programs all over UAE in different churches. Photographs of the Group with Mercy

Raju Recovering from a Hernia Operation
Raju, Rachel's husband,  had a Hernia repair followed by some problems. Had a haematoma at the site of the Volataren injection he took for post op pain relief etc.

Mercy is now Reunited with her Family in Muscat
Mercy finally got a job transfer to Buremi (Muscat) and so is finally with her family.

Jacob's Aunt (Dr. George Jacob's eldest sister) Passed Away on Late Saturday (Aug 1).
Funeral was on Thursday, Aug 6. Read Details

A Surprise at Canada
There was a big surprise at the Canadian Reunion. It turned out that the classmates were secretly planning have a mela to celebrate the 60th birthday of George - an occasion known as Sashtipoorthy. They also celebrated, in advance, the coming 30th anniversary of Philsamma and George's wedding in December 1979. So, all the programs were themed to this surprise. Will write more details later.

New, Rebuilt Website Inaugurated
It was a proud moment for all the assembled classmates in Canada as well as those scattered all over the globe on August 1, 2009. They participated in inaugurating their own website.

KMC1973.com Inauguration, Kottayam Medical College Alumni Website 1973-78 Batch
Read the story | Slide Show of Candle Lighting ceremony

Good Bye Tibbs
Ike, Jaya and their family are mourning the sudden departure of Tibbs. Tibbs was more than a cat; he was a member of their family. He left a big impact on everyone who had been to Ike and Jaya's house. Read the Story.
Obituary from Jeff and Poetic Tribute from Money

Gangadharan Featured in Vanitha

Chicago AKMG Get together
Several of our party goers bunked the AKMG convention for a party on town mela led by Savio.
Read about it  See the Pictures

Dr. Thomas Philip and Prameela's Visit to USA
Monday June 22, 2009 - Meeting at Niagara Falls, NY with Shila and Jacob - Photos
Tuesday, June 30, 2009 - Dinner hosted by Ike and Jaya at Chicago with Meena/Money and Savio/Annie. - Photos
[Niagara Falls with Jacob and Shila] [ Chicago with Ike/Jaya, Meena/Money, Savio/Annie]

Abdul Salam's Son's Wedding
July 5, 2009, 1 PM - Wedding at Sree Moolam Club, Trivandrum
July 7, 2009, 6 PM - Reception party at Chaithanya Auditorum Thellakom

Wedding of Nithin (Sara) - Ipekutty's Daughter at Kottayam
May 25, 2009

Please see the special webpage of Sara (Nithin) to see the engagement and wedding pictures.

Ike's Mother Passed Away

Our Ike [ Isaac Thomas ] 's mother passed away on Sunday, April 5, 2009 morning
Funeral was held on Monday, April 13, 2009.

Baby C. Thomas
Dec 10, 1927 - April 5, 2009

Please see our tribute to Baby Ammachy (as Ike and Jaya calls her) here.




Ipekutty's Father Passed Away

A sad news!

Ipekutty's father has passed away this morning (Friday, Jan 9, 2009) at 9 am. The funeral was held on Sunday, January 11, 2009.

We extend our Condolences

Read the condolences from KMC Family 

Thomas Abraham & Romola's Daughter Dhannya's Marriage
was held in Alapuzha on December 27, 2008. Several alumni attended the event.

Subu Visits Chicago and Milwaukee

See all the photos here.

Jolly and Susan and Family celebrates the engagement of Asha with Denny Mathew at Orlando, Florida on November 1, 2008
See the photos

Secret Ingredient Discovered


Unless you were hiding in another planet, you would have heard of the heavenly tea Annie makes.
After a lot of investigation and legwork, we discovered the secret behind this tea - it is the ingredient used.
Annie uses a special tea grown specially for her and Savio in a tea estate owned by Savio's family in Wynad.
Purportedly, this tea has a secret "DNA" implanted.
(Annie is quick to point out that her special way of brewing the tea also is one reason for its great aroma, and taste.)
In this Paparazzi photo (sent by mistake by Savio), Annie and Savio inspecting the tea in Wynad during their last trip to India.

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