KMC 1973 Medicos and families
New York Reunion - May 2009

From May 1 to 3, 2009, New York White Plains Crown Plaza Lobby was transformed into a dazzling color display as the spectators viewed spellbound the fashion display put by the ladies of the North American KMC 1973 gang. In fact these ladies were so good at stealing attention that on Saturday, when Crown Plaza was hosting a wedding, the photographer was taking pictures of our ladies as opposed to the plain colors of their wedding group. It was something to see.

The occasion was the marriage of Asha, Jolly and Susan's daughter, with Denny. The marriage was on Saturday, May 2 in the afternoon in New Rochelle, New York with a reception immediately following at the Surf Club nearby. Our gang started arriving at crown plaza early on Friday with Meena/Mony, Ike/Jay, and Savio/Annie flying from Milwaukee/Chicago. George/Philsamma drove to Utica and came with Mathukutty/Leena and Jain on Friday afternoon. The last to arrive was Jacob and Shila who were delayed in construction traffic in Pennsylvania Poconos. They arrived at Crown Plaza by 5:30 PM on Friday. In the mean time others had taken pictures of each other in every imaginable combinations.

Stories from the Reunion

Best Story: Honey, Come Home

Runner Up: I am the King

Saturday PM: Trichur Pooram in New York

Photo Album

Day 1: Friday, May 1 PM - Hotel Lobby

Day 1: Friday, May 1 Eve - Jolly and Susan's Residence

Day 2: Saturday, May 2 Noon - Kerala Restaurant

Day 2: Saturday, May 2 PM - Wedding - Huguenot Memorial Church

Day 2: Saturday, May 2 Eve - Wedding Reception - Surf Club

Special Treat: Cherry Blossoms in New Rochelle, NY

Friday evening we all went to Jolly's house in Long Island in 3 vehicles. True to the bible saying that those who are in front will end in back, George and company who left the hotel 15 minutes before Ike and group, arrived in Jolly's house 30 minutes after Ike and group showed up there. George suggested that this was the first time he is seeing so many people as the whole population of Canada is roughly double of that in NY and even that about 25% are eskimos who travel with dog sleds. Others in the car, however, reported complete confusion and pandemonium in George's car. George supposedly has 3 GPS systems and each one of them were telling him to go in 3 different directions. Then there were 3 human GPS people to supplement that as well as to interpret what the GPS was saying. The result was that George went around the hotel for 10 minutes totally clueless and confused. While all this was going on Savio and Annie were in their own world. They were sitting in the last row in the van with no leg room which necessitated Annie to sit in Savio's lap. Savio, in his Amayannoor thinking, figured out this is as good as any other time to have a good time. This was just the beginning, believe it or not!

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