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Plastic Surgery, Patient Education

Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Surgery Magazine 
Print magazine offering articles about plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, skin care and anti-aging. Select magazine content available online.

Ask Dr. M - Plastic Surgery 
The Institute for Plastic Surgery in NY and NJ offers monthly information on fitness, nutrition, and plastic surgery.

Awful Plastic Surgery 
Photographic chronicle of the good, bad, and ugly of celebrity plastic surgery.

CBS News "Thinking About Plastic Surgery?" 
Article for patients interested in surgery including guidelines to follow while making decision.

Cosmetic and plastic surgery
Information about popular surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, including articles, news related to these procedures, costs, complications, and photos.

Cosmetic Surgery News 
This site is updated daily with news from the cosmetic and plastic surgery world. Articles, links and tips are available for information.

Summary of printed and online documentation, studies, and personal reports about this elective procedure intended to enhance sexual pleasure. Pictures.

Johns Hopkins Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 
Information about cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Plastic Surgery Portal
Provides comprehensive and detailed information about most types of cosmetic surgery and puts you in direct contact with some of the top plastic surgeons around the world. Watch the procedures in virtual 3D animations.

Smart Plastic Surgery
Information on a wide variety of cosmetic procedures with before and after images. Worldwide surgeon directory.

Streaming Surgeries 
Provides videos of actual surgical procedures, from consultation through postop, including interviews, before and after.

Surgery Lowdown - Cosmetic Surgery Advice 
Blog run by the head of cosmetic surgery at the London Institute of Surgery. Contains informative and factual news and updates.

Explains procedures and complications, with photographs, patient stories, FAQ, and directory of clinics.

WebMD Skin Beauty 
Offers information about plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Includes statistics, the procedures and videos.

Yes They're Fake - Cosmetic Surgery and Product Report 
Includes a collection of information, photographs and links pertaining to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for the face and body.


Breast Health Online
Pre-op and post-op information on all procedures. Support for breast reduction and cancer patients.

Surgery information with detailed illustrations, advice on choosing a surgeon, stories from real women, forums and a complete historical retrospective.

Cancerbackup: Breast Reconstruction
Information about surgery, finding a doctor, what to consider, implants, recovery, and long term effects.

Might I Need A Breast Lift?
Pictures and discussion of the surgical technique and results.


AskMen.com - Liposuction for Men 
Includes information on this procedure specifically for men.

Information on various and different types of liposuction procedures including, before and after photos, tables, and graphics.

Information, discussion area, online chat and resources to learn about liposuction. Questions and answers, journals, and before and after photos.

Liposuction Consumer Guide 
Contains general information, before and afters, frequently asked questions, benefits, and risks.

Guide about the procedure including: faqs, different techniques, results, photos, complications and risks.

Information on the different techniques, with before and after photos, patient journals, message board and chat room.

Smart Tummy Tucks.com 
Information including preparation checklists, recovery tips, risks, complications, and before and after photographs. Find a doctor.

Information including preparation checklists, recovery tips, risks, complications, before and after pictures and surgeon referrals.

The Liposymposium 
Provides before and after photographs, discussion forums, and links to board-certified plastic surgeons who choose to sponsor yellow page listings.

Tuck That Tummy ! 
Information on all the different techniques for abdominoplasty surgery. With before and after photos, patient journals, message board, chat room and surgeon locator.

Tummy Tuck Resource
Information, including FAQs, before and after, about the surgery, and the risks of the procedure.

Face Plastic Surgery

Blepharoplasty Information Service 
Information for before and after eyelid surgery, including specifics about surgery on other areas of the eye.

Botox Users Forum 
A forum for users and prospective users of Botox injections for wrinkle treatment.

Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery 
Featuring an article about brow lift surgery.

Information for patients and surgeons pertaining to eyelid and cosmetic surgery.

Facial Plastic Surgery Network 
Provides information regarding numerous procedures. Includes before and after photos, message boards and surgeon locator.

Information including average costs, preparation checklists, recovery tips, risks, complications, before and after pictures. Find a specialist.

Nose Plastic Surgery

All About Revision Rhinoplasty
A resource for secondary plastic surgery of the nose. Includes procedure and anesthesia information, articles and abstracts and before and after surgery preparation information.

Information, before and after photos, message boards, surgeon locator, and digital imaging.

Rhinoplasty FYI 
Information, including risks and who is a good candidate.

Rhinoplasty Network
Offers information about plastic surgery more specifically rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. Also finding top plastic surgeons, a chat room, message board and articles.

Information on the different techniques, with before and after photos, patient journals, message board and chat room.

Information including average costs, preparation checklists, recovery tips, risks, complications and before and after pictures. Find a specialist.

Hair Transplant

Hair Restoration Network
Information to help people find hair transplant surgeons and share information. Includes photographs, hair loss causes and an open discussion forum.

Hair Transplant Magazine
Providing information to people considering procedures using discussion forums, before and after photos, qualified surgeon listings and accounts of personal experiences.

Hair Transplant Medical
Learn basic information, tips on finding a surgeon and questions to ask your specialist.

Head of Hair
Personal account of surgery and recovery, with photographs, diary, and a list of treatments.

Trouble with Hair Transplants
Review of problems with hair transplant surgery. Includes photos of patients who have this common result.

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