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Kerala Reunion 2010
Kottayam, April 15, 2010

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Kottayam Get together - A Retrospective
by Jacob

After two months, it is a good time to look back on the Get together organized by Ipekutty and Jose Tom at Hotel Aida in Kottayam on Vishu Day.  Many of the KMC-ites came for the event in spite of the short notice. And many like Thomas Philip could not make it due to prior commitments.

I have met Ipekutty, Jose Tom, Vijayakumar, Lovely and Jacob P before. Ipekutty and Jose Tom are like family anyway. But two persons I have met the first time made a profound influence on me. They are Radhamony and Thomas Mathai (aka Siddhan).

Shila has talked about Radhamony before as one of her classmates. But when you meet her, she radiates love and service. You can know when a person is genuine and when one is acting up. Radhamony has that Mother Teresa look and feel. You know she cares deeply about her patients and that she is in this for the service and not for money. I was extremely glad that she got National recognition for her efforts via Ambedkar award. I would say, if any one deserves it, it is Radhamony. I feel extremely privileged to meet her in person.

The other person, Thomas Mathai, is one person I don't think I will have the privilege to meet ever in person. Last time I knew about him, he was brutally attacked as part of a robbery attempt and the robbers left him for dead in the middle of the night. The fact that he survived this savage attack is really a miracle. For him to appear with no sign of what he went through few years ago is really God's work. He really deserves his near cult-worship in Kanjirappalli. And he certainly deserves the title "Siddhan".

Here is an excerpt from an email I sent about KMC 1973 reputation in Kottayam:

Tigi, who is the secretary of the alumni association, has a list of batches that are active and KMC1973 apparently goes right at the top!!! My niece, who is finishing her MBBS at KMC this year told me that KMC 1973 batch is looked up with awe and respect by the students there. (May be our genteel Jacob P and hardworking Jose Tom has quite a lot to do with that image.) Having a "sadhu" or "siddhan" in Kanjirappalli and the best Oncologist in Kerala - Gangadharan - as part of the group also helps. We have chief of lions and lionesses, Radhamony, who reminds me more of Mother Teresa, winning the National award for her service, Ipekutty whose name begins with "eye",.. I haven't mentioned yet about Lovely who is a legend in the Kalathippady area. I heard that when Lovely crosses the busy KK Road to go from her clinic to the hospital on the other side of street, half of Kalathippady stand in line on KK Road to "Protect" her. (She walks across, by the way.)

It is nice to be associated with these legends. My salute to all of you.

Every one of the KMC 1973 batch has made an impact on the world. We hear about the American Ammyimar and American Achayans very often. We hardly hear about people like Radhamony, or Siddhan, or Lovely. But these people, in their own way are reshaping our world with their unconditional service. Thank you on behalf of all of your classmates and their families.

Meeting with Dr. Jacob & Shyla
by Ipekutty

Yesterday night (April 15, 2010) a few of us met at Hotel Aida Kottayam to meet Dr. Jacob & Shyla. Even with a few hours of notice and being the Vishu Day Many could not make it. Those who attended were Jose Tom, Jacob Thomas, Vijayakumar (Thankom's, Thomas Mathai, Mrs&Mr. Radhamony, Lovely & myself and Kumari.

Our Jacob Thomas has come out with a new surgery for Diabetic Neuropathy. This came in most papers with his photo, Let us congratulate him for his achievement.

Our Radhamony got some award from Kerala Govt. and she celebrated her Hospital's 25th Anniversary in a big way. Congratulations to Dr. Radhamony on this auspicious occasion.

Our Dr. Jacob will be coming up with detailed report of get together with photos.

(Dr.Abraham Ipe)

A Surprise Get Together
by Jacob

It was a real surprise that Ipekutty arranged the get together in such a short time. When he asked me if we are available on the evening, I thought we are going to his home! Jose Tom was as usual. We also used some early stories (narrated by Ike in previous reunions) of Jacob Sir catching night time travellers to tease our Jacob P - who seems to be a genteel version of his predecessor.

It was a real pleasure seeing Radhamony and her husband who is known by the name "Sir".

Radhamony is an example of selfless service. She got the Ambedkar Fellowship Award for social service - this is a national award given to a person of exceptional service and was given in New Delhi. She was given rousing receptions on her way back from New Delhi as well as at several places afterwards. We can all be proud of her accomplishment and service. Our Lion's Governor and lioness are putting the final touches to his big meeting scheduled for today at Kottayam.

We had a rare meeting with Thomas Mathai (who is popularly known as "simple" or is it "single" room Mathai). According to Ipekutty TM is given the title as "Divyan" in Kanjirappalli and surrounding areas. You may recall that he was attacked by a group of goondas who came disguised as patients to rob him. TM gave us a ride back to Kothala and his driver covered the distance from Kottayam to Kothala in about 10 minutes!! (12 miles +) I thought my younger brother drives fast but he takes about 25 minutes to cover the distance. The ride resembled more like the ride to the galaxy in Disney World. In spite of the speed, it was a safe trip; he was perhaps aided by the light traffic at night!!

Other Comments

From Lovely

Hai everybody,

We had a nice time with Shyla & Jacob, thanks for everybody who organized the get together.


Thomas Philip

Sorry, I missed the get together. I could not attend as I am too much busy with the Lions Annual District Convention on 17th &18th at Kottayam. I know I should have been there.

Jacob and Shyla, kindly excuse. I shall try to meet you before you return.

Thomas Philip

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