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KMC-1973 Yahoo Forum
(Kottayam Medical College Alumni 1973 Batch)

KMC-1973 is a fun forum purely for the classmates and family of KMC-1973. This is were you can be back to the good old days sharing the laughs and sorrows with your classmates. There is also a dynamic spouse's forum. A great way to have the family included in this fun. The discussions often looks silly, but they are really for fun. Having fun is the motto. If you are not a member, please join. If you know some classmates who are not a member, ask him/her to join.

How to Join KMC-1973 Forum

Joining is easy. Send an email (Just click here) kmc1973-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

You can also contact Meena monymeena@yahoo.com
or Jose Tom
They are the moderators and would help you get started.

Difficulty Receiving Emails from KMC1973? Add us to your Safe List. Here is How

Many of our friends reported that they have difficulty in receiving mail from the KMC1973 Yahoo Forum. Most probably it is because of spam filtering. (emails originating from yahoo.com and hotmail.com are routinely filtered out.)  Although ISP's constantly change the ways the emails are filtered to be one step ahead of spammers, one of the way to survive this is to add our email to your "safe" list. To learn how to do it, click here. (http://www.1stmedicine.com/KMC/safe.htm )

KMC Forum Mail Voted the Best

Our Mathew Periappuram (MP) recently visited South Africa. I understand that he nearly had a heart attack seeing some of the sights there. Apparently, he was saved by instructions sent by Meena in an email sent through the KMC forum early this year. So, MP has voted that this tips on surviving a heart attack (when you are alone) as the best he received from the KMC Forum.

Here is the link for those who missed it. To download, right click on the link and choose "Save Target as"

How to survive a heart attack.

PS: Meena liked the instructions in this document because the way Meena sees it, if you are busy deep breathing, you cannot be eating bananas.

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