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  This website is about the alumni, family and friends of the 1973-78 MBBS Batch from Kottayam Medical College, Kottayam, Kerala, India. The batch is popularly known as KMC 1973. Most of the 1978 graduates of Kottayam Medical College are now well respected doctors serving all over the world. But, as this website shows, they also keep the connections between them well.

Recent Events

North American Reunion - 2010

Chicago, IL - Hosted by Savio and Annie
Date: June 25-27, 2010. (Friday evening through noon Sunday)

The consensus of the attendees was that this, so far, was the best reunions in North America. We are raising the standard of our reunions so as to make the future ones better.

Home Page | Photo Album | Participant Comments

Recent Events of KMC 1973
(Kottayam Medical College MBBS Alumni 1973-78 Batch)

Canadian Reunion - Brantford, August 2009

WOW What a reunion. This had everything. The honeymooners had an evening in Niagara Falls on Friday night (July 31). [See Photos and Slide Show ] A walk to the Grand River to explore the scenic beauty and the park; a nearly 6 hour raft expedition down the Grand River from Paris to Brantford with 2 stops where we explored an old gypsum mine and went for a 2 mile hike up steep embankment of the river to enjoy the breathtaking view from the zenith. The waters of the river danced to the tune, "thi thi thara thi thi thei.." For a day the Grand River transformed into Vembanad kayal. The tourists and natives who were going by canoes and kayaks stopped by to ask where we are from. They obviously haven't seen anything like a KMC 1973 get together! [ See the photos and slide show of the Rafting ]

Later we inaugurated the pride of the batch - the new, completely rebuilt and improved website - kmc1973.com The inauguration provides us the bragging rights to the title of the first batch ever to have our own URL on the internet and having a website that is professionally designed and hosted. [ Read about it  | Photos and Slide Show ]

Read the full story as well as the response from our participants in the reunion home page here:

Canadian Reunion home page | Inauguration of KMC1973.com website

New York Reunion - May 2009

All the North American KMC 1973 and their families gathered together for 3 days of fun and festivities on the occasion of the lavish party thrown out by Jolly and Susan at the time of Asha's wedding. Read the full story and see the colorful photos.

New York Reunion Home

Grand Reunion - 30th Anniversary Celebrations at Kerala
Sunday, January 4, 2009, Kottayam Club annex at Kumarakom
Organized by Jose Tom, Gopi, Eapen, Ipekutty and Soman

Grand Reunion Home Page

Photo Album: Group Photo | Slide Show: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

Class Picture

KMC 1973-78 class photo thumb
See the Original Class Picture of KMC 1973-78 Batch

Photo Album/Gallery

Photo Album

Experience the excitement. See your old classmates in our album. Does that bring back memories like Karakka trees?

Family Album - your classmates' family


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News about Classmates


How many can you pack in a Tango?

Dr. Subramania Iyer Invited Abroad

Our Subu had been a VIP in several International conferences. Here is a press release from Amrita obtained by Jose Tom. more

Gangadharan in Chicago

Details and photos to follow

Alumni Association Auditorium and Guest House Project Construction Photos

In April 2010, I had an opportunity to see first hand the construction of the KMC Alumni Association Auditorium and Guest House Building, a pet project of President Jose Tom and the Secretary Tigi.

Write up | Photos

Kottayam Reunion in April 2010

Retrospective Look | Photo Album

Ipekutty Visits Dr. Joseph Varghese (Joe Malaysia)

(Feb 2010) Last week I have been to Singapore and Malaysia. I met our class mate Joseph Varghese (Joe) there, he is doing private practice and is blessed with three children. He asked me to convey his regards to all. I am attaching 2 photographs taken when I met him.
Larger Photos

Neetu's Wedding Pictures

Thomas Abraham and Romola has shared Neetu's pictures taken during her wedding in 2009. These have been added to their family album page here.

Thomas Philip Lost His Mother

It is with grief I mail this message. My mother passed away yesterday (Friday, October 16, 2009) at 8 pm. She was 85yrs old. Funeral is on Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at 12.30pm at Ebenezar Marthoma Church, Edamury, Chethackal, Ranny. Thomas Philip

We extend our condolences to Thomas Philip, Prameela, and family.

Meena Visits Utica, NY

Here is the description and some photos of Chackochen, Honey and Gizmo! Link Photos

Money at AKMG-Chicago 2009

Watch our own Money performing at the AKMG Convention in Chicago. Link

If you have footages of others performing on stage (like Ike, Jaya, etc.) please send those to us. Thanks.

Canadian Rafting Expedition Photos are now online
[ See the photos and slide show of the Rafting ]

Dr. Remony George, Retired HOD of Physiology, Celebrates Her 60th Birthday
Dr. Remony had a surprise of her life when she visited her sister Shila and brother in law Jacob in Hudson, OH on August 10, 2009. She was treated to a surprise Sashtipoorthy celebration.
Read about the program  | See the photo album

Mercy's Son, Mithun, Participates in a Music Mission in UAE
Nine students from Oral Roberts University (ORU), Tulsa, OK came for a Music mission program to UAE during the month of July 2009. Mithun, Mercy's son, was one among them. They conducted music programs all over UAE in different churches. Photographs of the Group with Mercy

Raju Recovering from a Hernia Operation
Raju, Rachel's husband,  had a Hernia repair followed by some problems. Had a haematoma at the site of the Volataren injection he took for post op pain relief etc.

Mercy is now Reunited with her Family in Muscat
Mercy finally got a job transfer to Buremi (Muscat) and so is finally with her family.

Jacob's Aunt (Dr. George Jacob's eldest sister) Passed Away on Saturday (Aug 1).
Funeral was on Thursday, Aug 6.
Read Details

A Surprise at Canada
There was a big surprise at the Canadian Reunion. Was it a reunion or was it a grand birthday bash? In actuality, it was both. The classmates were secretly planning to have a grand event to celebrate the 60th birthday of George - an occasion known as Sashtipoorthy. Read the full story

New, Rebuilt Website Inaugurated
It was a proud moment for all the assembled classmates in Canada as well as those scattered all over the globe on August 1, 2009. They participated in inaugurating their own website.

KMC1973.com Inauguration, Kottayam Medical College Alumni Website 1973-78 Batch
Read the story | Slide Show of Candle Lighting ceremony

Read the rest of the news here

Activities of Classmates

Classmate in the news - when a classmate is featured in media

Charitable Activities of the Classmates

KMC Alumni Head Quarters Project

Our own Jose Tom had been spearheading the efforts to build an alumni headquarters building. The foundation stone is laid and work is progressing. Read the latest news here:
Kottayam Medical College Alumni Association HQ Project

Reunions - Reunions

There had been major reunions and minor reunions, there were reunions with aana mayakki and those without aana mayakki but aana koothi. Relive all the reunions here:

KMC 1973 Reunions

KMC 1973 Yahoo Forum

If you want to know how bad things can get, you should visit KMC1973 yahoo forum. The forum started by Meena and Jose Tom, allows the members to vent out the stress by talking gibberish (read, fun). Of course you will learn about Amayannoor, banana, and Oottah. Are they from another planet or what. Check it here:
KMC1973 Yahoo Forum

Leisure and Professional

We provide resources for you to relax. Be it cooking (Jose Tom can guide you on that), reading poems (how about reading our resident poets like Mercy, Alex, etc.?) or Gardening (coming soon..), Quilting (coming soon)couch travel (coming soon.) or read medical journals ( we have links to tons of them arranged by specialty here:
Medical Journals - Arranged by Specialty )


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Recent News of Interest

Uticans Continue our Yearly Tradition
Mathukutty, Leena, Samson and Jane Host a Reunion to Beat all others
Friday thru Sunday August 1-3, 2008

Click here to go to the Utica Reunion Home Page

Click on the photo see a larger version

The group after the Boat Ride at Old Forge, NY

This Reunion was spelled "FUN" - Three packed days of wholesome FUN for everyone.

Mathukutty and Leena accepting the award for the Hosts of the Reunion from Meena and Money


Samson and Jane accepting the award for the Hosts of the Reunion from Meena and Money

Comments from Participants

For tons of photos, reflections, etc. visit the Utica Reunion Home Page

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