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North American Reunion

Chicago - 2010

Participant Comments

The consensus of the attendees was that this, so far, was the best reunions in North America. We are raising the standard of our reunions so as to make the future ones better. Some of comments:

Jolly and Susan | Shila and Jacob | Philsamma and George | Meena and Money | Mathukutty and Leena | Ike and Jaya | Savio and Annie

Unforgettable Weekend

Hope all of you had a safe trip home. We want to thank Savio and Annie for hosting an unforgettable get-together. "Fantastic", is an understatement. Susan and I thank Annie and Savio personally for such a beautiful event, and it is our prayer that this fellowshipping will be returning every year, and if possible more often. Annie's food put an additional 10 pounds around my waist. We missed the debate on Sunday morning. We left the hotel at 9 AM, only to find out that we will be waiting in O'Hare for about 3 hours because our flight was delayed. Annie's mouth watering food, Jacob's brain teasing quizzes and the star-beating entertainments all will linger in our memories for long.

In fact, Aleyzabeth's visit added extra vibrancy to the gathering. In fact the youngster in all of us seem to be waking up in these gatherings. The boat ride was so nice. Never thought Chicago has this many sky scrapers along the river.

Special thanks to Money and Meena for that unscheduled trip to Obama and Jackson neighborhood. Jacob as usual was in great spirits with all the programs. Susan and I are looking forward to these gatherings in the future. Nostalgia is sometimes so real that you get transported to some distant past in a time capsule, and it is with great reluctance and pain only one can come back to the present. We had a great time with Leena and Mathukutty. We stayed together and we traveled together most of the time. Shared many good memories.

Kudos to all, for a wonderful gathering.
Susan and Jolly

The Best one yet

This was unquestionably one of the best get togethers.

Savio and Annie deserves lot of credit.

Thank you for organizing the surprise birthday party too.

The boat ride was truly remarkable.

Annie's tea, as usual, was worth returning for. So, after leaving Savio's house, we went to visit Devon Street in Chicago; got struck in Taste of Chicago Festival traffic along with lane closures due to flooding. We ended up in going back to Savio's home in the evening and had another tea before finally heading back to Ohio. We arrived here at midnight.

The entertainment program was excellent. Thank you all for participating. Yes, Alizabeth's visit made this reunion very special. Savio and Annie's dance rendition was something to see. Money seems to be multi-talented.

The food, well what can we say about it! We were fed left and right. I saw lot of people checking their weight before leaving. Seems like we have enough stored nutrition for the next week. Thank you Annie and Savio!!

I am going to skip all the podippu and thongal.
Jacob and Shila

Enjoyable Event

Savio & Annie:

Many thanks for arranging the best GTG. Food was great, entertainment was very good and the boat tour in Chicago river was excellent.

Also there were plenty of time to talk to every body.

Yes we forgot to mention Jacob, the master of ceremonies. Jacob was great as usual.

Weather also co-operated very well. No earthquakes or storms.

Both of us very much enjoyed the event.

Thanks again
George & Phil

A Wonderful Time

Hi Everybody

Annie and Savio, Thank you for the wonderful time. You took so much time and effort to arrange this and it was worth , The personalized attention given to each and everyone was truly remarkable, We enjoyed every moment , Savio's Dance was the highlight of the program

Jolly and Susan, Mathukutty we had a great time driving around Obama's and Michael Jackson's neighborhood!!

The Health Care Debate and Bible Debate were all interesting.

Thank you Jane, Aleyzabathu, Jolly and Susan, Phil and George, Mathukutty and Leena, Jaya and Ike, Jacob and Shila for the great time r during the last 3 Days.

Annie the great cook, interior decorator and the great debater a big THANK YOU from both of us

regards To All

Money and Meena

PS: George, I agree with you , Jacob did a fantastic job as usual, the Quiz organised by the MC was interesting, Money and myself scored the least as always !!


Hi Savio and Annie,

Everything was fine including birthday celebration for Vannya Vayodhikan , arrival of vannya pithav, kooyill nadhangal calling to the room, are some of the memorable items. Hope nobody will get offended.

Even though we started in the morning to come back to Utica, we reached here only very late at 1.30 A M. So I am writing this late.

Annie, food was very good. Savio acting like a Gopalan also was excellent. That dance took us back to the 70's when we were in medical school.

I saw Money getting nervous when we were driving through Michigan ave which took us through Obama & Jackson lands. That drive was very good, I enjoyed .

Leena & Myself enjoyed the company of Jolly &Susan, Jacob &Sheila, Money & Meena, Isaac & Jaya, Jane, Alizabeth, George & Philsamma. I don't need to mention the names of hosts.

Annie your vegetable garden is excellent.

Tour in Chicago river was excellent, I don't know Jacob catch word meaning of Chicago which originated from an Indian (American Indian) word. Anyway architecture was excellent.

Once again many many thanks to Savio and Annie for arranging this.

Mathukutty & Leena.

An amazing get together!

First of all we thank Savio and Annie for organizing this wonderful get together. Ike and I had a great time . You worked so hard to make it such a happy occasion for all.

Savio and Annie, Thank you sooooo very much!

We enjoyed the company of all others, Shila and Jacob, Mathew and Leena, Jolly and Susan, Meena and Money, Molamma, Philsamma and George ,and Jane. Our Mollamma's presence made this get together extra special. Jane went back yesterday evening and reached home safely.

Sunday night the four of us, Aleyzabathu, Jane, Ike and I went through our class photos and reminisced about the Medical college days.
Aleyzabathu and Ike and I spent time in Chicago (Navy Pier) yesterday and now she is at relatives' house.

As we said before, the highlight was Savio (and Annie)'s dance!

Jacob shined as the MOC as always!
An amazing and unforgettable get together !!!

Ike and Jaya

From the Hosts

Dear Friends,

Myself and Annie had a wonderful time among friends this weekend at our house in Chicago. We want to thank each and everyone of you for your presence at our home. We know that it took a lot of effort for you all to take time of your busy life to travel to our home. It was all worth the effort and and I hope that this had made everyone realize that it is a 'MUST EVENT' annually from now on.

Aleyzabethu, We really enjoyed your company and it made us see your great personality in much closer environment. We feel that it has made us closer and we thank you for making this trip during the get together.

We again take this opportunity to thank Aleyzabethu, Jane, Jaya & Ike, Leena & Mathukutty, Meena & money, Phil & George, Susan & Jolly and Shila & Jacob for your company and your efforts to make this a memorable get together.

With warm regards,


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