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Chicago Reunion 2010

June 25-27, 2010
Hosted by: Savio & Annie

Photo Album
Day 1: Friday Evening

Day 2: Saturday Boat Tour of Chicago

Day 2: Saturday Evening - Entertainment

Participant Comments
The consensus of the attendees was that this, so far, was the best reunions in North America. We are raising the standard of our reunions so as to make the future ones better. Some of comments:

Unforgettable Weekend

Hope all of you had a safe trip home. We want to thank Savio and Annie for hosting an unforgettable get-together. "Fantastic", is an understatement. more..

Susan and Jolly

The Best one yet

This was unquestionably one of the best get togethers. Savio and Annie deserves lot of credit. more...

Jacob and Shila

Enjoyable Event

Savio & Annie:

Many thanks for arranging the best GTG. Food was great, entertainment was very good and the boat tour in Chicago river was excellent. more ...

George & Phil

A Wonderful Time

Hi Everybody

Annie and Savio, Thank you for the wonderful time. You took so much time and effort to arrange this and it was worth. more...

Money and Meena


Hi Savio and Annie,

Everything was fine including birthday celebration for Vannya Vayodhikan , arrival of vannya pithav, kooyill nadhangal calling to the room, are some of the memorable items. Hope nobody will get offended. more...

Mathukutty & Leena

An amazing get together!

First of all we thank Savio and Annie for organizing this wonderful get together. Ike and I had a great time . You worked so hard to make it such a happy occasion for all. more...

Ike and Jaya

From the Hosts

Myself and Annie had a wonderful time among friends this weekend at our house in Chicago. We want to thank each and everyone of you for your presence at our home. more...


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