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A Visit of the Auditorium and Guest House Under Construction
April 17, 2010

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See the Building Under Construction

On Saturday, April 17, 2010, Dr. Jose Tom and Dr. Tigi Thomas Jacob gave us a personal tour of the Alumni Building that is being built near Gandhinagar Club and the old Anatomy building of the Kottayam Medical College. About 2-3 dozen workers were furiously working to finish it by next year.

What we saw in the location where an year ago, there was nothing (see the story on the foundation stone laying ceremony in April 2009), speaks volumes about the dedication of the key people involved in the project. I sensed seed pride and passion in Jose Tome and Tigi. Since Jose Tom was transferred to Trichur and was in Kottayam only on the weekends, Tigi had been managing most of the day to day management. He was virtually living on the site. But the pride on his face as they looked at the merging structure was priceless.

The building is really impressive. The main attraction is a huge auditorium with tall ceilings with unobstructed view of the stage from anywhere. (It will be the largest auditorium in the neighborhood including KMC that has an obsolete auditorium according to Jose Tom) It is difficult to describe the immensity of the project in words. It is our Jose Tom's Taj Mahal. My sister in law (Meena John), who is an architect, was with us when we visited the building and she was very impressed. We can be extremely proud of our Jose Tom and Tigi who pulled this project together.

Because of the layout and elevation of the site, there will be some more challenges as to channeling of rain water away from the building. The team is fully aware of it and they, together with the architect, is already working on strategies to keep the water away from the building.

Congratulations Jose Tom and Tigi.

by Dr. Jacob Mathew

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